East Gippsland Winter Festival 2024 | Ultimate Winter Escape in Victoria

30th May 2024

East Gippsland Winter Festival 2024 | Ultimate Winter Escape in Victoria

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Are you keen on a memorable winter getaway? Look no more than East Gippsland wintertime celebration which will be back in 2024 with more magic and thrill! Between June 21 and July 21, East Gippsland will transform into spectacular winter wonderland full of light displays, culinary delights, music, art and cultural festivals. The festival guarantees an enriching experience for everyone whether you are planning a family outing, going away with friends or just exploring alone.

Celebrating the Best of Winter

East Gippsland Winter Festival is the ultimate in winter getaways as it celebrates everything that makes this season special. This year’s event coincides with the Winter Solstice and the Winter School Holidays making it an ideal opportunity for some cosy and festive retreats. As a fourth annual occasion, the festival in 2024 has one of Australia’s most extensive winter programs thus catering for all interests.

Enchanted Lanterns & Lights

Among other features at this festival are its handmade lanterns which light up those nights creating magical atmosphere throughout East Gippsland. They make ordinary spaces extraordinary through stunning projection art pieces and beautiful works of art. These lighting installations allow visitors to take leisurely walks in the evening whilst providing excellent photo opportunities besides showcasing local artist’s creativity.

Surprising Musical Delights

Music lovers will be amazed by various live performances offered during this festival. From intimate acoustic sets to lively bands, soul-warming melodies fill unexpected spots in East Gippsland during its winter festival. Whether eating out quietly or walking around local markets you’ll come across talented artists who bring about extra aura associated with their passion.

Food Expeditions

Food lovers brace yourself! The festival offers long lunches and winter feasts within exquisite surroundings representing the finest foods of East Gippsland. Savor some warm, hearty winter meals using locally sourced produce and enjoy the company of others who are attending the same festival. For purposes of this culinary experience, you may either dine in a high-end restaurant or have an informal meal near a reservoir.

Creative Hand-On Workshops

Those who love creating will find various workshops at the festival. Pottery making, painting, cooking, and crafting are just to mention but a few examples of our workshops that can help you acquire new expertise and create something unique. You’ll get to express your artistic side as well as leave having a special souvenir from that event after being guided by professional tutors.

Wellbeing & Relaxation

Winter is all about unwinding and taking care of oneself, so East Gippsland Winter Festival offers many wellness experiences for this purpose. Practice yoga with views over calm lakes, pamper yourself with spa treatments or join mindfulness sessions to refresh your mind and body. These wellness programs balance out the more active events at the festival which means that they will leave you feeling renewed.

Foot Based Adventures

The festival also includes several walking activities for those willing to explore remarkable natural beauty of East Gippsland region. Go on guided hikes through lush forests, take scenic coastal walks or a treasure hunt through lesser-known places. These outdoor excursions allow individuals to be active while immersing themselves in their beautiful surroundings.

Featured Events

Winter Solstice Celebration: celebrate the longest night of the year with bonfires, music and storytelling, embracing the magic of winter

Lantern Parade: take part in an amazing lantern parade which sees hundreds of homemade lanterns light up the night.

Gourmet Food Trail: sample tasty treats from local restaurants and meet the chefs who made them on a food journey through East Gippsland.

Art and Craft Fair: visit market stalls featuring artists and craft persons selling unique items ranging from handmade jewelry to home decoration.

Live Music Nights: enjoy live performances by talented musicians at cozy venues across East Gippsland that bring you close to its lively music scene.

Stay in Comfort: The Waterfront Retreat

If you are looking for a memorable stay when attending the East Gippsland Winter Festival, consider staying at The Waterfront Retreat. This beautiful place provides stunning views, luxurious amenities, as well as serenity thereby making it the perfect base for your festival escapades. Wake up to stunning lake views and relax in your stylishly furnished room after a day filled with festival activities.

The Waterfront Retreat is conveniently situated near many of the attractions that make up this festival thus enabling one to explore all East Gippsland has to offer without much difficult. When going for anything like lantern parade or gourmet dishes or even creative workshops make sure that you are comfortable enough while enjoying yourself away from home in such a retreat that is not common anywhere else except here.

Plan Your Visit

Start planning your visit to the East Gippsland Winter Festival today. There are various types of accommodation including cosy bed & breakfast places or luxurious hotels like Waterfront Retreat hence everyone can find a suitable place where they wish to stay during the festival period.


The East Gippsland Winter Festival is about celebrating winter’s beauty, creativity and community spirit through an array of different events and activities offered here.The lights, music, food, or adventures that one may be looking out for will definitely make this festival a memorable and magical winter getaway. Save the dates and get ready to experience how we winter in East Gippsland!