The Waterfront Retreat Is a Fantastic Place to Experience Australian Wildlife In Spring

23rd November 2023

The Waterfront Retreat Is a Fantastic Place to Experience Australian Wildlife In Spring

Spring is officially here, and it’s that time of the year when The Waterfront Retreat comes alive - literally!

The Gippsland accommodation has always been a great place to experience Australian wildlife up close. But as the warmer weather approaches, the breeding season comes into full swing, bringing with it a flurry of activities from our native animals.

It’s the season when the echidnas come out of hibernation, joeys emerge from kangaroos’ pouches, nesting birds are heard, and our resident fluff balls baby swans paddle around with mum and dad.

Of course, it’s also the season where magpies swoop to protect their young and snakes are more active - but with proper precaution, there’s nothing that can’t be solved!

Of course, it’s also the season where magpies swoop to protect their young and snakes are more active - but with proper precaution, there’s nothing that can’t be solved!

Australian wildlife breeding and nurturing of their young are some of the most fascinating natural occurrences in the world, and guests at The Waterfront Retreat have some of the best front-row seats to it. Here are some of the best wildlife you’ll see at our retreat.


Echidnas are popular mammals native to Australia and New Zealand. Known for their spiky hair follicles surrounding their bodies, echidnas are some of the oldest surviving mammals in the world.

These cute species love to wander around our resort regularly to forage for food, so guests can get quite close to them and watch them go about their day. However, we wouldn’t advise picking them up because of their spikes!


The Waterfront Retreat is home to many Eastern Gray Kangaroos and black face kangaroos who love living in our open spaces. These kangaroos prefer to rest when the weather is hot and are highly active at dawn, dusk, or night during cooler temperatures.

Kangaroos are highly social animals, and guests can see them moving about in groups at our resort. Keep a lookout for young joeys this spring as they emerge from their mother’s pouches! Our resort also hosts daily kangaroo feeding times where guests can get close to our resident roos by feeding them.


Wombats are another native species that loves snacking on the grasslands. These nocturnal animals are active at night when they come out to feed, but guests can still spot them lazing about during the day and enjoying some much-needed rest.

Did you know that the Australian Government declared wombats a pest in 1906? The wombats at The Waterfront Retreat are anything but pests though, as they are generally shy and keep to themselves in our compound.


All Australians love koalas due to their cute and cuddly nature. Far from the popular term koala bear, koalas are not actually bears. They are marsupial animals with young ones that develop in their mother's pouch.

Resort guests can find a couple of resident koalas resting in the trees at The Waterfront Resort. In fact, one of the koalas is currently nursing a joey, and it’s truly a wonderful time to see them out and about in the compound.

Native Birds

There are many varieties of Australian native birds on the retreat who busy themselves with a flurry of activities in spring. Two of the most obvious bird species available are the Australian Mynas and Kookaburras, with large groups making themselves a home on the tree next to the reception! These birds sing at first light and during the sun's setting, making it a glorious chorus each day.

East Gippsland is also abundant with parrots of all kinds, as the land has sufficient forest with old growth that provides a perfect breeding ground. Our retreat is surrounded by the Wattle Point Gippsland Lakes Reserve, which borders the property with plenty of old trees inhabited by many parrot species.

Guests at The Waterfront Retreat are generally spoiled for choice in bird-watching, as they are privy to many native bird species, such as:

  • Sulphur-crested cockatoos
  • Carnaby black cockatoo
  • Crimson rosella
  • Eastern rosella
  • Galah
  • Red-collared lorikeet
  • Rainbow lorikeet

Like our kangaroos, our birds are fed daily, and it’s an exciting experience for families and children to experience.

Water Birds

As a Gippsland Lakes holiday accommodation, our retreat wouldn’t be complete without our water birds. These wonderful birds are visible on the lake overlooking our retreat, and guests can view many species of water birds, like swans, pelicans, egrets, grebes, ducks, and sea eagles, just to mention a few.

To see these magnificent birds up close, guests can hire kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddle boards for free at our resort.

Spring is certainly a magnificent time to have a Gippsland holiday while getting close to Australia’s wildlife, and what better place to enjoy it than at The Waterfront Retreat at Wattle Point? Our luxury accommodation is home to many animals and birds who are used to human interaction, making it a memorable holiday for families and individuals.

For a memorable stay this spring, book your accommodation at The Waterfront Retreat at Wattle Point.